What exactly is a photo scanner

In todays day and age, basically everybody and their mother have a mobile phone. Most often it is a type of smartphone, and it´s no wonder – it is basically a small pocket computer, that can also make and recieve calls and SMS messages. Even most childern have one. It is no wonder demand is so high, and manufactureres are more than happy to meet it – for a price, of course. This is also the mason why there is a new model at least once a year.

But we have to admit that almost each new model have new features that enables it to perform new functions. Those are meant to make our lives easier, and it is true that most of them come in handy. Some are useless, but as they say, you can´t win everytime.


One of the relatively new features added to the latest generation of smartphones is photo scanner. As the name implies, it allows us to basically scan our old paper photographs and store them either in the memory of our phone or in some online storage system, like for example Cloud.

Yes, you can say it´s basically useless – who makes standard photographs anyway? Today everything is digitized, wether we shoot it with our phone or camera. Why would we then need to scan paper photo, when we already have it in digital form, even if we decide to print it?


Well, that may be true, but most families also have plenty of those old paper photos from earlier time. In some cases the pictures might be very old. And as we all know, paper photos degrade over time, especially if they are often manipulated with or stored in not optimal conditions.

To preserve them as they originaly were, scanning them is the best solution, and it doesn´t matter if you scan them into your phone or computer. Computer files don´t degrade, so you will have it forever as it was, unchanged. And also, if you put them into your phone, you can look at them anytime you want. And that´s pretty cool, don´t you think?

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